The Hero and the Heroine’s Journey

There is a distinctness between the Hero and the Heroine’s journey. The Hero’s journey is masculine, setting out to adventure and conqueror great tasks to achieve rewards or wisdom. The Heroine, however, is more feminine. Instead of being called to adventure to preform a great deed, she is faced with a personal journey, one that helps her find her true love and true home. While the Hero fights and wins, the Heroine dies and waits to be saved. There is greater room for artistic license for the Hero’s journey, we won’t know who his allies or foes are, or what battles will lie ahead of him. The Heroine is an archetype. We know that she is beautiful, that she must escape from an evil witch or mother, that she will make friends in an enchanted forest, and that she will die, only to be saved by her true love. The Hero is cast as a smart, brave, warrior and the Heroine is made into a beautiful fool who eats too many rotten apples.


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