Paid Piper, Tanith Lee

This was an interesting depiction of the classic story, Pied Piper, which I had just recently come to know. This story was more appealing to me as it was focused on folklore and not a fairy tale, I appreciated it’s down to earth content. Again, I noticed that Lee incorporated the thread of religion in this tale as she did in Red as Blood and it’s interesting to see how much more depth it gives the story. I was enticed by the Piper: exotic, mysterious and simple. He was simple in the way that he understood the world. “The cage, or the world”, he offered to Lime Tree. In doing this, he was straightforward in his message that the best things in life are free, and aren’t to be so devoutly worshiped. His uncomplicated approach to a better life left the village in an uproar and he left promising to take their children. This subtle spin on the classic tale left me thinking about my own desires and worships and if I would so easily choose a cage or the world.

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