225263_1616777074229_3086215_nEric Ryan and Adam Lowry, two childhood friends teamed up to create one of the most successful soap brands in stores today. They saw an opportunity to turn the chemical filled shelves of cleaning aisles into something with more pizzazz. Together they created Method, a brand whose vision is:

“Produce surface cleaners and soaps made from nontoxic, mostly natural ingredients, like coconut oil and plants, and package them in sleek modern bottles that people would want to display in their kitchens and bathrooms”.

They found a breakthrough in the cleaning industry through interdisciplinary thinking by combining high efficiency green cleaners with colorful, fun packaging. Instead of being so serious and informative about their mission to go green they made it different, and it helped to stand out to consumers. Today, their products can be found in more than 400 stores and amass an annual revenue of $100 million a year (Method).

Making an enticing cleaning product allowed this brand to stand out in flourish in a saturated market. The simple touch of colors, shape and their mission has allowed them to achieve greats sales and customer loyalty.

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  1. We are definitely seeing a lot of students combining Environmental Science and Policy and coursework in Sustainability with courses in business, art, and graphic design– so many exciting possibilities that could end up being good for the earth!

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