Karl Lagerfeld believes that analysis kills creativity. Andrew O’Hagan of the New York Times Style Magazine quoted him saying,

‘‘Analysis? What for? To get back to normality? I don’t want to be normal.’’

Fortunately for Karl as the Head of Design and Creative Director of Chanel, he has an entire team to analyze his work for him. While he vacations with his pet cat, Choupette, his team of creatives work diligently to execute his ideas and bring to life his creative process.

Unfortunately for us normal folk, we must take these actions ourselves. Without action, an idea can never be put into motion and exist how you imagined it. Creating specific and attainable guidelines can help when developing the start of a new endeavor.

I’ve created two prospectuses on both my research article and applied project that will act as my creative guidelines to ensure success in my ideas. Read them below.

Marketing For A Creative Service

For my applied project, I’m collaborating with another Interdisciplinary Studies capstone student, Ke Cawley. Ke is a visual artist with a focus in surrealism, her work is vibrant and full of interesting detail. In collaboration with Ke, I’ll be helping her to market her exhibition of curated work.

Photo by Kayleigh.

My focus will be on developing an opening night to begin her installation in Lamson Library. Hosting an opening night would require areas of advertising, communications, and event planning- all of which I fit under the umbrella term of creative marketing.

My goal is to work alongside Ke as if she was a client to my imaginary marketing firm, where every effort I make is made to optimize her potential. In doing this, I gain a better understanding of how to market for different creative industries. Through our planning process, Ke and I will be documenting our individual progress though pictures and notes which will be condensed to fit within our ePorts. Photography of the opening night will be my final visual documentation for the deliverable online piece of this project.

Partnering with Ke will be the real, creative marketing effort that I aspire to have as a career. This project encompasses so much of what I love and what I’m passionate for which makes this collaboration feel like no work at all.

Below is a timeline of deadlines I’ll meet to help guide me through the applied project.


Gather materials for the show including food, music, and any additional items necessary. I’ll be creating signage and content to promote the show.


Print signage and finalize advertisements for the show. Hang posters two weeks before opening and utilize social media for promotion. Help Ke with any installation needs.


Opening night, December 4th. Work on deliverable project proof to upload to ePort.

The Cult Within Culture: Marketing Strategies

We are a generation of followers. We spend hours a day on social media looking at products and lifestyles of the individuals we follow, trying to stay within the mainstream. To differentiate ourselves from the masses, we align with brands and products that we identify with to signal who we are.

You have an iPhone or an Android. You drink Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. You prefer Marvel or DC.

We buy into these brands because it suggests what our personalities are and what our values might be. In doing this, companies amass huge, cult-like followings. The research article I’ll be writing explores how products, brands, and companies have developed their cult-like followings and what tactics they use to keep them successful. How do these companies stand out from their saturated markets to get a consumer to drink their hypothetical Kool-Aid?

Just like an artist would study the masters, a marketer should study the cults. Companies with dedicated followings are wildly successful and are constantly innovating new ways of doing business. Learning how these companies differentiate and reinvent themselves will be valuable knowledge that I can carry into my career. This research will also give readers a chance to better understand how businesses use sociological strategies to transform one time buyers into repeat customers.

The timeline I’m proposing for the article is as follows:

October 8

Finalize a brainstorm of all ideas and interest. Collect sources that stand out in this process. Begin to organize an outline.

October 15

Outline complete. Library resources are being utilized to help source articles, books, and additional materials.

October 22

Imagining that the outline can be broken into fourths, begin working and complete section one.

October 29

Begin working and complete section two.

November 5

Begin working and complete section three.

November 12

Begin working and complete section four.

November 19

Work on opening and closings for the article.

November 26

Begin to finalize article and make an appointment at the Writing Center.

December 3-10

Use this time to make final edits, draft and redraft. If fall behind, this time offers me a cushion to get back on track. Final version uploaded to ePort.

I assembled both my research article and applied project around questions I had within my disciplines. I took this opportunity to use self-directed learning to further stretch my interests and see what specific niches I find myself drawn to in business.

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  1. Oooh, I’m so happy that you and Ke are working together! I think that’ll produce successful results. I look forward to attending the show at the end of the semester!

  2. I am pretty stoked for both of these ideas! You and Ke are a fierce combination, and I think the show has the potential to make a big splash– let me know what role I can play in helping it come together!

    The research topic is well formed as well, and I think it will lend itself well to being organized into chunks as you cover general strategies the companies use and take a deeper dive into the particulars of certain examples. And you should be able to extract your own conclusions really nicely after surveying and learning… Should be a great article! Looking forward to the semester’s work!

  3. Um, first of all, super in love with the entirety of the applied project! I am so happy that you two are working together on something so creative!! I also love that your tapping into your inner event planner! Absolutely love it!
    I literally cannot wait to read your research article! We are all pretty guilty of being partial to one brand versus the other, to some extent to where we are part of their cult like following! It will be so interesting to read an analysis of their strategies and implementations! Your capstone projects are making me so excited!

  4. This sounds so cool that you and Ke are collaborating! It will be interesting to see your step by step process to marketing her exhibit, you two are showing the true mean of interdisciplinary studies. I liked this quote you posted in the section about your research article.. “we are a generation of followers. We spend hours a day on social media looking at products and lifestyles of the individuals we follow, trying to stay within the mainstream. To differentiate ourselves from the masses, we align with brands and products that we identify with to signal who we are”. It makes me think about my most recent blog post related to how we as a society are obsessed with social media. I’m intrigued to read the contents of your research article and the true thinking behind marketing strategies.

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