Networking events have multiple purposes: making connections, personal exposure, finding a job. As a full-time student that has multiple commitments within my university, it becomes challenging to make time to leave campus to attend events like this. In the way that a true interdisciplinary would, Dr. Robin DeRosa helped her students to create what she calls a “PLN”. This personal learning network is formed on Twitter by finding and following academic professionals that exist within your field or disciplines. Through following, favoriting, retweeting, and replying, a network begins to grow around your fingertips.

Photo by Kayleigh.

The constant flow of real time information proved itself to be useful as I was aware of current trends and happenings in my field. I followed multiple accounts that spanned across all my disciplines, each offering their own unique voice to the subject matter. When a question arises or when information is needed you can reach out to your network and they will provide you with the appropriate resources. I spent most of my time building my PLN through listening and reading what my network was tweeting about, enjoying that I built a community who shared the same passions and interests as me.

My Storify tells of how I further developed my PLN outside of just my interdisciplinary community but into all of my fields. The greatest networking comes from helping others. It’s connecting the dots across all fields, disciplines and interests that creates the bigger picture.

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